They'll bury them side by side.
To few it'll be grief,
To the law a relief,
But it's death for Bonnie and Clyde.

- Bonnie Parker


if speeding down the highway and blasting “this world will remember us” doesn’t make you feel invincible then i don’t know what to tell you

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do you ever get that feeling when your favourite character dies and it feels like a part of you has been ripped out of your chest and you feel like you cant go to school or work because it just hurts so much

"Just be real is all I’m asking - not some painting in my head. Cause I’m dead, if I can’t count on you today…"


Disney Fairytale Designer Collection

why do Pocahontas and John Smith both look so over this



fake!married is the best trope and i never tire of it no matter how many are written and how badly they end up being. undercover!married is even better. “we have to lull our adversary into complacency by being as MARRIED AS POSSIBLE.” 

#we must be SO VERY MARRIED #EXTREMELY DATING #FULL-ON LAP-SITTING IN LOVE #for crime fighting purposes



White people destroyed 3/4s of the world for spices and have the nerve not to season their food.

this post wont die 

Title: Love Story (iHeartRadio 2014)

Artist: Taylor Swift

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Veronica: Hey about my relationship with J.D.-
Heather Chandler: Oh sure, let's go visit Heather in the afterlife (Where she lives, because things are going so great for her) and sit across from her and ask for her blessing so we can walk away feeling absolved of all the fucked up choices we've made.